Visage 2017

A actor auditions for a movie but finds he may not be what they're looking for. A science-fiction take on minority representation issues in Hollywood.

Link 2017

The ties that bind can also be those protect. You don’t know what you’ve lost til it’s gone.

The Fall of Womenland

The Fall of Womenland is a fascinating documentary on the unique sexual culture of the Mosuo people — a small minority situated in the southwest of China — and one of the last remaining matriarchal societies in the world. Without a formal marriage contract, the Mosuo traditionally build relationships based on free love and sexual satisfaction (‘walking marriages'). But can the sexual liberty and power of the Mosuo women survive as modern Chinese society slowly encroaches their ancestral land? The film explores the present reality for the Mosuo people as well as the dangers that threaten their inherited way of life.

I Can I Will I Did 2017

A bullied adolescent who has spent his life bouncing from foster home to foster home finds new hope with the help of a Tae Kwon Do master and his paraplegic granddaughter.

Catch The Move 2016

A reminder of the colourful, boundlessly animated exo-imagery that forms the DNA of the world we live in.

Intangible 2018

The tangible benefits of watching this film may be in allowing the intangible to enable changes in mood and perspective.

Chant En Couleur 2018

A caravan of experimental imagery created from reaching deep in the soundtrack area of analog film stock.

Attraction 2017

Urges in the undergrowth, erupting fungal fantasies, bursting botanicals. The dust and desires of a tiny alternative universe.