New Earth 1933

The film is a documentary portraying a struggle as man tries to subdue nature. To prevent flooding and for purposes of land reclamation, the people of the Netherlands struggle and succeed in building a breaker, thereby eliminating the wild inland body of water once known as the Zuider Zee (now called Ijsselmeer).

Untamed Frontier 1952

The Denbow family denies access across their land to homesteaders. To evade a murder charge, Glenn Denbow marries Jane, the only witness who's in love with him. But the woman favors the settlers...

Sound of the Mountain 1954

An ingratiating bride develops warm ties to her father-in-law while her cold husband blithely slights her for another woman.

They Won't Forget 1937

A southern town is rocked by scandal when teenager Mary Clay is murdered on Confederate Decoration Day. Andrew Griffin, a small-time lawyer with political ambitions, sees the crime as his ticket to the Senate if he can find the right victim to finger for the crime. He sets out to convict Robert Hale, a transplanted northerner who was Mary's teacher at the business school where she was killed. Despite the fact that all the evidence against Hale is circumstantial, Griffin works with a ruthless reporter to create a media frenzy of prejudice and hate against the teacher.

Voor je de grond raakt 2014

It is an ordinary weekday. Twenty-year-old student Steven is babysitting the one-year-old Levy at his usual babysitting address. Because of a stupid, small accident, the life of Levy slips through his fingers. Driven by guilt, he makes decisions he never thought he could make.

Nenek Grondong 1982

A village is being terrorized by an evil spirit called Kuyang or Nenek Grondong, which especially loves sucking blood from infants and pregnant women. That all coincides with a couple adopting a child that turns on them and becomes vicious and evil.

Prisoners of the Ground 2009

Nobody can escape the dance of life. Prisoners of the Ground is literally and symbolically about surviving in the dark: a portrait of an introvert, melancholic society; a Finnish tango in the shape of a movie.